lunes, 14 de enero de 2013


What do you usually eat? Look and this picture and find out what do you have to eat dairyly

Food flashcards.

Fill the basket with all the fruits and veggies.

Do you like brocolli ice-cream? No, I don't.

Play the food games with children all around the world. Don't forget you are form Spain.

Clic here and play FOOD GAME 1.
Clic here and play FOOD GAME 2.

Read this book and find out what the mice and the mouse like eating.

Make an enormous sandwich add bread, tomatoes... Uhmmmm!!! 
Clic here and make the enormous sandwich.

Play this game and help Daddy in the kitchen. 

Watch this movie about heathy food and think if you eat healthy food.

Clean up the kitchen and put everything in its place.

Food Spin Wheel.

Here you will find everything about food. Food at the supermarket or at the restaurant.

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